Reviews and tool tests


Reviews and tool tests



Reviews and tests

On this channel you will see how tools work in practice, their advantages and disadvantages as well as an example of use.

During work

I share with you the knowledge, experience and insights I have come to during my work.


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Here you will find some interesting photos that I took during testing and work

Practical knowledge

All tests I perform are real and they made in the studio and during real work as well. Every day I discover something new, improve tools and the quality of my work, constantly do what I do as best as I can.

Technology and new solutions

Almost every day I look for the latest solutions, patents and tools and use them to make the work not only done well, but make work easier as well. I share my knowledge with you to help you solve problems that we often encounter at work.

Quality first

The principle I adhere: Either good or not at all. The quality of material application as well as the quality of the tools used is a priority. Knowledge of how to achieve the result and the method and tools for its implementation is the basis for a job well done.

I’m Kuba

I test, review and use tools.
I specialize in high quality interior finishes.

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